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Posted on: July 19, 2009 1:13 am

09' Fantasy TE Rankings

Here is my TE rankings for the 09' season. The stats listed are my projections of how they will perform this season. The longer you can wait to draft a TE, the better value you will receive. I always try to grab a stud TE around the 5th round. If one is not there that I like then I will wait, see who's left & draft when the value is right.
#1     Dallas Clark                            Indianapolis                      82rec-984yds-10tds
        With the Marvin Harrison era officially over, the Colts will look for him & Anthony Gonzalez to fill that void. He has added value in that, the Colts like to split him out wide in 3WR sets. I see Clark having a career year in 09'.
#2     Jason Witten                         Dallas                                  90rec-990yds-5tds
        Now that TO is gone to Buffalo, Romo will look to his favorite target even more. Roy Williams should fill nicely in place of TO, but Witten will still get more looks & defensive attention. He should be a big part of the passing game inside the redzone.
#3     Tony Gonzalez                       Atlanta                               80rec-900yds-6tds
        The move to Atlanta is good & bad for Gonzalez. The good is that, the Falcons have a better offnse than he had in KC. The bad is that, he will be the #2 option behind WR Roddy White. He will still get plenty of looks underneath & in the redzone.
#4     Antonio Gates                       San Diego                          72rec-864yds-7tds
        Injuries are starting to become a factor with him. If he stays healthy all season, he could easily be the #1 fantasy TE. The Chargers are starting to transform into more of a passing team, with the decline LT & improvement of Phillip Rivers.
#5     Greg Olsen                             Chicago                               77rec-816yds-6tds
        There is a new gunslinger (Jay Cutler) in the Windy City & Olsen should benefit big. He should post career high numbers across the board this season.
#6     Zach Miller                              Oakland                              64rec-832yds-5tds
        He is a star to be. He puts up solid numbers, despite playing on a poor offense. He has a knack for catching long passes. He could see a spike upward in his numbers, if Jeff Garcia takes over at QB.
#7     Chris Cooley                           Washington                       70rec-770yds-5tds
        Look for Cooley to return to normal, after scoring only 1 td last season. He has led the Skins in catches the last 3 years & should do so again this season. His numbers may be better, if he gets help out of the WRs.
#8     John Carlson                           Seattle                               65rec-674yds-5tds
        Having Hasselback healthy for a full season, will benefit him greatly. He should be the #2 option in the passing game behind TJ Houshmanzadeh. He will be a nice safety net for Hasselback.
#9     Kellen Winslow                       Tampa Bay                       68rec-686yds-4tds
        He gets a fresh restart with the Bucs. He has the talent and skills to be a top 5 TE, but injuries and an unsettled QB situation, bring his value down.
#10    Owen Daniels                        Houston                             64rec-725yds-3tds
        He plays in an offense that likes to throw. He gets the catches and yards, but doesn't score much. If QB Matt Shuab gets hurt, decrease his value 3-5 spots.
#11   Dustin Keller                           NY Jets                              60rec-660yds-4tds
        He will quickly become a favorite of rookie QB Mark Sanchez. He was a little streaky in his rookie season, but should be more consistent in 09'. Has only WR Jerricho Cotchery to compete with for catches.
#12   Tony Sheffler                          Denver                              50rec-650yds-4tds
        New HC Josh Daniels hasn't used his TEs much in the past, but hasn't had one as good as Sheffler. He has good hands and can catch deep passes regularly.
#13   Visanthe Shiancoe                Minnasota                          44rec-550yds-6tds
        He made a habit of finding the endzone (7tds) last season. His value takes a bump up if the Vikes sign Brett Favre. He may not score as much, but his catches and yards should improve.
#14   Heath Miller                            Pittsburgh                          47rec-503yds-5tds
        Pittsburgh likes to run the ball, but Miller is in a contract year, so he should be looking to put up good numbers.
#15   Jeremy Shockey                   New Orleans                       58rec-591yds-3tds
        Because they have so many weapons to throw to, he won't be an elite TE anymore. He will get plenty of chances to produce good numbers, in NO pass happy offense. He needs to stay healthy to produce.
#16   Kevin Boss                              NY Giants                            41rec-453yds-5tds
        With Plaxico Burress gone, the number of targets he sees will increase. He may lead the Giants in tds this season.
#17   Brent Celek                            Philadelphia                        40rec-443yds-4tds
        Now that LJ Smith is gone, he will be the starting TE in Philly. He will be looking to build on the hot streak he was on, in the playoffs last season. He will have to compete for catches with a group talented WRs & a stud RB.
#18   Brandon Pettigrew               Detroit                                 44rec-480yds-3tds
The rookie is a nice big target with soft hands. He will get plenty of chances to produce. The Lions should mot be nowhere near as bad as they were last season.
#19   Donald Lee                              Green Bay                           42rec-420yds-4tds
Aaron Rodgers does not look for him like Favre did, but we will still put up decent numbers. His value will decrease if the Packers play TE Jermichael Finley more.
#20   Bo Scaife                                  Tennessee                          48rec-480yds-2tds
        The Titans placed the franchise tag on him, so he should be looking to be very productive, so he can get a new contract. The Tiatns like to run the ball in the redzone and they also drafted TE Jared Cook, his future replacement.
#21    Shawn Nelson                         Buffalo                                37rec-407yds-3tds
         With 2 star WRs (Lee Evans & TO) on the outside, he will get plenty of looks underneath. He could also be valuable in the redzone.
#22    Marcedes Lewis                      Jacksonville                       39rec-429yds-2tds
         As long as David Garrard bounces back this season, he will be fine, but do not expect him to score alot.
#23    Vernon Davis                         San Francisco                     33rec-373yds-3tds
         If he can stay out HC Mike Singletarys dog house, he has the skills to put up top 10 numbers. 
#24    LJ Smith/Todd Heap             Baltimore                            32rec-313yds-2tds
         LJ Smith was brought in because Todd Heap can't stay healthy. He can put decent games, but is streaky. Todd Heap is the better of the 2, but has had problems with injuries the last few years.
#25    Ben Watson                            New England                       28rec-308yds-3tds
He always seems to find the endzone a few times every year. He is on the downside of his career and watch for Chris Baker, to make run at his job.

Sleepers to watch for:
             Chase Coffman                      Cincinattii
             Jared Cook                              Tennessee
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