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2010 Mock Draft (Pre Wildcard Weekend)(fans vote)

Before I start, let me say that this is not my picks on who your team should take. This mock was based on info gathered from various polls, posts & other mock drafts. I will do my picks on another post coming soon. I am just doing the 1st round right now and will try to expand to 2 rounds later as more of the draft order is set. Feel free to leave a post on any ideas on who your team should or should not take. I will try to keep updating this mock draft as the seaosn moves on, thanx.

#1   St. Louis Rams---DT---Ndamukong Suh---Nebraska---Over the past month as the draft order changed, a number of teams wanted him. The Rams officially have the 1st pick and shot at Suh. They need help along the D-line and he would fill a (big) need.
#2   Detroit Lions---DT---Gerald McCoy---Oklahoma---With Suh off the board and the Lions also in need of a DT, they will take the next best at the position if he comes out.
#3   Tampa Bay Buccaneers---DE---Derrick Morgan---Georgia Tech---Looking to rebuild the defense, they need a pass rusher and Morgan should be a big help.
#4   Washington Redskins---OT---Russel Okung---Oklahoma State---The Skins want to improve their offense and start with the protection side by selecting Okung.
#5   Kansas City---SS---Eric Berry---Tennessee---The Chiefs look to improve the secondary by taking the best DB & top overall players in the draft.
#6   Seattle Seahawks---OT---Charles Brown---USC---With the 1st of 2 first round picks, the Hawks want to improve an aging O-line.
#7   Clevland Browns---QB---Jimmy Clausen---Notre Dame---After playing musical QBs all season the Browns look to make a fresh start.
#8   Oakland Raiders---DE---Carlos Dunlap---Florida---Raidernation wants a big pass rushing DE and Dunlap is very talented.
#9   Buffalo Bills---QB---Sam Bradford---Oklahoma---Trent Edwards doesn't seem to be the answer at QB, mainly because he can't stay healthy. The Bills look to circle the wagons around the Sooner.
#10  Jacksonville Jaguars---QB---Tim Tebow---Florida---All Jag fans seem to want the home state legend. He would be a nice boost to the attendence and jersey sales.
#11  Denver Broncos(from:Chicago)---ILB---Rolando McClain---Alabama---The Broncos use the 1st pick from the Cutler trade to improve their defense by taking the top LB in draft. He is first player taken from the BCS Champs.
#12  Miami Dolphins---DT---Terrance Cody---Looking for a big run stopper, the Dolphins select Mount Cody. The second staright player taken from the BCS Champs.
#13  San Fransisco 49ers---OT---Anthony Davis---Rutgers---The 49ers use the 1st of their 2 first rounders to improve the O-line. Davis is big tackle and fills a a big need.
#14  Seattle Seahawks(from:Denver)---RB---CJ Spiller---Clemson---After using their first pick on a O-lineman, they look for an all around back to pound the rock. Spiller is the top RB in the draft on most boards.
#15  New York Giants---ILB---Brandon Spikes---Spikes would fill a huge need for the Giants. Outside of McClain, he might be the best LB in the draft.
#16  Tennessee Titans---DE---Greg Hardy---Missippii---Age is becoming a big concern for the Titans at DE and Hardy would be a nice addition.
#17  San Fransisco 49ers---CB---Joe Haden---Florida---They use their second 1st round pick on defense by taking the very fast and quick Haden.
#18  Pittsburgh Steelers---FS---Taylor Mays---USC---With a need in the secondary, the Steelers can't pass on a possible top ten pick talented player.
#19  Atlanta Falcons---CB---Donovan Warren---Michigan---The Falcons look to improve their secondary and Warren is a solid CB who has played some safety.
#20  Houston Texans---FS---Earl Thomas---Texas---With Peyton Manning in their division they look for help in the secondary and the home state collegian is a play maker.
#21  New York Jets---WR---Dez Bryant---Oklahoma State---Another weapon for last years 1st round pick, Sanchez, to throw too. He is the top WR in the draft.
#22  Baltimore Ravens---WR---Damien Williams---USC---the Ravens look to improve the passing game with the 2nd best WR in the draft. a deeep threat with very good hands.
#23  Arizona Cardinals---OT---Bruce Campbell---Maryland---The huge offensive tackle would be a nice addition for the Cards and greatly welcomed by Kurt Warner.
#24  Cincinatti Bengals---WR---Brandon Lafell---LSU---With the passing of Chris Henry (RIP), the Bengals look to fill a void.
#25  New England Patriots---DT---Jared Odrick---Penn State---The never rebuiling always reloading Pats look to improve an aging and depleted DT position.
#26  Green Bay Packers---OT---Bryan Bulaga---Iwoa---The offensive line is the top priority the Pack and Bulaga would help fill that need nicely.
#27  Philadelphia Eagles---LB---Sergio Kindle---Texas---With all the blitzing they do, a young talented LB is a big need. Kindle is a perfect fit.
#28  Dallas Cowboys---OG---Mike Iupati---Idaho---With the emergance off Miles Austin at WR, the Cowboys can focus on protectind Tony Romo.
#29  Minnasota Vikings---OLB---Ricky Sapp---Clemson---Their only need seems to be at LB and Sapp would be a great fit.
#30  New Orleans Saints---LB---Sean Weatherspoon---Missourri---They have the offense, they want to improve the defense. Witha a solid D-line they will look to add a quality LB.
#31  San Diego Chargers---RB---Johnathan Dwyer---Georgia Tech---They will look for the aging LTs replacement and Dwyer could be the best in the draft.
#32  Indianapolis Colts---OT---Ciron Black---LSU---The top priority is always to protect Peyton Manning and Black will fill a need.
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