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2013 Nfl Mock Draft (Pre Free Agency)

#1    Kansas City            OT     Luke Joeckel                  Texas A&M           Upgrading the o-line with youth and talent.
#2    Jacksonville            DE     Ezekial Ansah                BYU                     Pass rushing, athletic freak.
#3    Oakland                 DT     Shariff Floyd                  Florida                 Flying up draft boards. Run stopper and pass rusher, both a need.
#4    Philadelphia            CB     Dee Milliner                   Alabama              Will replace the overpaid
#5    Detroit                   DE     Bjoern Werner               Florida St             Will fill the void left by release of KVB.
#6    Cleveland               WR    Keenan Allen                 California              Desperate for offensive weapons.
#7    Arizona                  QB     Matt Barkley                  USC                     Will finally get the QB they have been looking for.
#8    Buffalo                   QB     Gino Smith                    West Virginia        Hoping he is the leader for years to come.
#9    NY Jets                  WR     Cordarrelle Patterson     Tennessee            SEC all-purpose yards leader, will help at 2 positions(WR/KR).
#10  Tennessee              DT     Star Lotulelei                 Utah                     A replica of Haynesworth, only better.
#11  San Diego              OG     Chance Warmack           Alabama               Possibly the best o-lineman(OT or Ot), in draft.
#12  Miami                    CB      Xavier Rhodes               Florida St              Top need by far makes this a must. Talented and skilled CB.
#13  Tampa Bay             DE      Dion Jordan                  Oregan                 Rising up charts fast. Is the defensive upgrade they need.
#14  Carolina                 DT      Sheldon Richardson       Missouri                He provides the size and skill they need in front of those talented LB's.
#15  New Orleans           LB      Jarvis Jones                  Georgia                 A perfect fit for rebuilding this defense.
#16  St Louis                 OG      Johnathan Cooper         N. Carolina            Fishers MO is o-line & defense. A must, if they want to run ball.
#17  Pittsburgh              DE      Damontre Moore           Texas A&M            Sliding on some charts. Could be a steal here for the Steelers.
#18  Dallas                    OT      Lane Johnson               Oklahoma              Continuing to try and fix o-line, which was horrible last year.
#19  NY Giants               TE      Tyler Eifert                   Notre Dame           One of the most skilled players in draft. Will replace Martellus Bennett.
#20  Chicago                  LB      Kevin Minter                 LSU                      Now is the time to find Urlachers future replacement.
#21  Cincinnati               LB      Alec Ogletree                Georgia                 Characters issues to some, just needs polishing to the Bengals.
#22  St Louis (WAS)       SS      Kenny Vaccaro              Texas                   2nd part of fishers MO, building up the defense.
#23  Minnesota              WR     Deandre Hopkins           Clemson               Harvin trade, leaves them desperate for pass catchers.
#24  Indianapolis            CB     Desmond Trufant           Washington          Will be better than his older brother Marcus. fills a need.
#25  Minnesota (SEA)     WR     Tavon Austin                 West Virginia        I say, double down here and help your passing game. 2 WRs for 1.
#26  Green Bay              RB      Eddie Lacy                    Alabama               An absolute steal here for the Pack. Nice allaround RB.
#27  Houston                 WR     Robert Woods               USC                      Finally get the WR opposite Andre Johnson, they have been needing.
#28  Denver                   OT     DJ Fluker                      Alabama                Obivously, they protect Manning.
#29  New England          WR     Justin Hunter                Tennessee             Deep threat star they have been looking for.
#30  Atlanta                   TE      Zach Ertz                     Stanford                Even if Gonzo come sback, they need to find his replacement.
#31  San Francisco         DT      John Jenkins                 Georgia                 Reloading leagues best defense.
#32  Baltimore               LB      Barkevious Mingo          LSU                      The Leader has finally hung it up, so reinforcements needed.
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2010 Mock Draft (Pre Wildcard Weekend)(fans vote)

Before I start, let me say that this is not my picks on who your team should take. This mock was based on info gathered from various polls, posts & other mock drafts. I will do my picks on another post coming soon. I am just doing the 1st round right now and will try to expand to 2 rounds later as more of the draft order is set. Feel free to leave a post on any ideas on who your team should or should not take. I will try to keep updating this mock draft as the seaosn moves on, thanx.

#1   St. Louis Rams---DT---Ndamukong Suh---Nebraska---Over the past month as the draft order changed, a number of teams wanted him. The Rams officially have the 1st pick and shot at Suh. They need help along the D-line and he would fill a (big) need.
#2   Detroit Lions---DT---Gerald McCoy---Oklahoma---With Suh off the board and the Lions also in need of a DT, they will take the next best at the position if he comes out.
#3   Tampa Bay Buccaneers---DE---Derrick Morgan---Georgia Tech---Looking to rebuild the defense, they need a pass rusher and Morgan should be a big help.
#4   Washington Redskins---OT---Russel Okung---Oklahoma State---The Skins want to improve their offense and start with the protection side by selecting Okung.
#5   Kansas City---SS---Eric Berry---Tennessee---The Chiefs look to improve the secondary by taking the best DB & top overall players in the draft.
#6   Seattle Seahawks---OT---Charles Brown---USC---With the 1st of 2 first round picks, the Hawks want to improve an aging O-line.
#7   Clevland Browns---QB---Jimmy Clausen---Notre Dame---After playing musical QBs all season the Browns look to make a fresh start.
#8   Oakland Raiders---DE---Carlos Dunlap---Florida---Raidernation wants a big pass rushing DE and Dunlap is very talented.
#9   Buffalo Bills---QB---Sam Bradford---Oklahoma---Trent Edwards doesn't seem to be the answer at QB, mainly because he can't stay healthy. The Bills look to circle the wagons around the Sooner.
#10  Jacksonville Jaguars---QB---Tim Tebow---Florida---All Jag fans seem to want the home state legend. He would be a nice boost to the attendence and jersey sales.
#11  Denver Broncos(from:Chicago)---ILB---Rolando McClain---Alabama---The Broncos use the 1st pick from the Cutler trade to improve their defense by taking the top LB in draft. He is first player taken from the BCS Champs.
#12  Miami Dolphins---DT---Terrance Cody---Looking for a big run stopper, the Dolphins select Mount Cody. The second staright player taken from the BCS Champs.
#13  San Fransisco 49ers---OT---Anthony Davis---Rutgers---The 49ers use the 1st of their 2 first rounders to improve the O-line. Davis is big tackle and fills a a big need.
#14  Seattle Seahawks(from:Denver)---RB---CJ Spiller---Clemson---After using their first pick on a O-lineman, they look for an all around back to pound the rock. Spiller is the top RB in the draft on most boards.
#15  New York Giants---ILB---Brandon Spikes---Spikes would fill a huge need for the Giants. Outside of McClain, he might be the best LB in the draft.
#16  Tennessee Titans---DE---Greg Hardy---Missippii---Age is becoming a big concern for the Titans at DE and Hardy would be a nice addition.
#17  San Fransisco 49ers---CB---Joe Haden---Florida---They use their second 1st round pick on defense by taking the very fast and quick Haden.
#18  Pittsburgh Steelers---FS---Taylor Mays---USC---With a need in the secondary, the Steelers can't pass on a possible top ten pick talented player.
#19  Atlanta Falcons---CB---Donovan Warren---Michigan---The Falcons look to improve their secondary and Warren is a solid CB who has played some safety.
#20  Houston Texans---FS---Earl Thomas---Texas---With Peyton Manning in their division they look for help in the secondary and the home state collegian is a play maker.
#21  New York Jets---WR---Dez Bryant---Oklahoma State---Another weapon for last years 1st round pick, Sanchez, to throw too. He is the top WR in the draft.
#22  Baltimore Ravens---WR---Damien Williams---USC---the Ravens look to improve the passing game with the 2nd best WR in the draft. a deeep threat with very good hands.
#23  Arizona Cardinals---OT---Bruce Campbell---Maryland---The huge offensive tackle would be a nice addition for the Cards and greatly welcomed by Kurt Warner.
#24  Cincinatti Bengals---WR---Brandon Lafell---LSU---With the passing of Chris Henry (RIP), the Bengals look to fill a void.
#25  New England Patriots---DT---Jared Odrick---Penn State---The never rebuiling always reloading Pats look to improve an aging and depleted DT position.
#26  Green Bay Packers---OT---Bryan Bulaga---Iwoa---The offensive line is the top priority the Pack and Bulaga would help fill that need nicely.
#27  Philadelphia Eagles---LB---Sergio Kindle---Texas---With all the blitzing they do, a young talented LB is a big need. Kindle is a perfect fit.
#28  Dallas Cowboys---OG---Mike Iupati---Idaho---With the emergance off Miles Austin at WR, the Cowboys can focus on protectind Tony Romo.
#29  Minnasota Vikings---OLB---Ricky Sapp---Clemson---Their only need seems to be at LB and Sapp would be a great fit.
#30  New Orleans Saints---LB---Sean Weatherspoon---Missourri---They have the offense, they want to improve the defense. Witha a solid D-line they will look to add a quality LB.
#31  San Diego Chargers---RB---Johnathan Dwyer---Georgia Tech---They will look for the aging LTs replacement and Dwyer could be the best in the draft.
#32  Indianapolis Colts---OT---Ciron Black---LSU---The top priority is always to protect Peyton Manning and Black will fill a need.
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09' Fantasy TE Rankings

Here is my TE rankings for the 09' season. The stats listed are my projections of how they will perform this season. The longer you can wait to draft a TE, the better value you will receive. I always try to grab a stud TE around the 5th round. If one is not there that I like then I will wait, see who's left & draft when the value is right.
#1     Dallas Clark                            Indianapolis                      82rec-984yds-10tds
        With the Marvin Harrison era officially over, the Colts will look for him & Anthony Gonzalez to fill that void. He has added value in that, the Colts like to split him out wide in 3WR sets. I see Clark having a career year in 09'.
#2     Jason Witten                         Dallas                                  90rec-990yds-5tds
        Now that TO is gone to Buffalo, Romo will look to his favorite target even more. Roy Williams should fill nicely in place of TO, but Witten will still get more looks & defensive attention. He should be a big part of the passing game inside the redzone.
#3     Tony Gonzalez                       Atlanta                               80rec-900yds-6tds
        The move to Atlanta is good & bad for Gonzalez. The good is that, the Falcons have a better offnse than he had in KC. The bad is that, he will be the #2 option behind WR Roddy White. He will still get plenty of looks underneath & in the redzone.
#4     Antonio Gates                       San Diego                          72rec-864yds-7tds
        Injuries are starting to become a factor with him. If he stays healthy all season, he could easily be the #1 fantasy TE. The Chargers are starting to transform into more of a passing team, with the decline LT & improvement of Phillip Rivers.
#5     Greg Olsen                             Chicago                               77rec-816yds-6tds
        There is a new gunslinger (Jay Cutler) in the Windy City & Olsen should benefit big. He should post career high numbers across the board this season.
#6     Zach Miller                              Oakland                              64rec-832yds-5tds
        He is a star to be. He puts up solid numbers, despite playing on a poor offense. He has a knack for catching long passes. He could see a spike upward in his numbers, if Jeff Garcia takes over at QB.
#7     Chris Cooley                           Washington                       70rec-770yds-5tds
        Look for Cooley to return to normal, after scoring only 1 td last season. He has led the Skins in catches the last 3 years & should do so again this season. His numbers may be better, if he gets help out of the WRs.
#8     John Carlson                           Seattle                               65rec-674yds-5tds
        Having Hasselback healthy for a full season, will benefit him greatly. He should be the #2 option in the passing game behind TJ Houshmanzadeh. He will be a nice safety net for Hasselback.
#9     Kellen Winslow                       Tampa Bay                       68rec-686yds-4tds
        He gets a fresh restart with the Bucs. He has the talent and skills to be a top 5 TE, but injuries and an unsettled QB situation, bring his value down.
#10    Owen Daniels                        Houston                             64rec-725yds-3tds
        He plays in an offense that likes to throw. He gets the catches and yards, but doesn't score much. If QB Matt Shuab gets hurt, decrease his value 3-5 spots.
#11   Dustin Keller                           NY Jets                              60rec-660yds-4tds
        He will quickly become a favorite of rookie QB Mark Sanchez. He was a little streaky in his rookie season, but should be more consistent in 09'. Has only WR Jerricho Cotchery to compete with for catches.
#12   Tony Sheffler                          Denver                              50rec-650yds-4tds
        New HC Josh Daniels hasn't used his TEs much in the past, but hasn't had one as good as Sheffler. He has good hands and can catch deep passes regularly.
#13   Visanthe Shiancoe                Minnasota                          44rec-550yds-6tds
        He made a habit of finding the endzone (7tds) last season. His value takes a bump up if the Vikes sign Brett Favre. He may not score as much, but his catches and yards should improve.
#14   Heath Miller                            Pittsburgh                          47rec-503yds-5tds
        Pittsburgh likes to run the ball, but Miller is in a contract year, so he should be looking to put up good numbers.
#15   Jeremy Shockey                   New Orleans                       58rec-591yds-3tds
        Because they have so many weapons to throw to, he won't be an elite TE anymore. He will get plenty of chances to produce good numbers, in NO pass happy offense. He needs to stay healthy to produce.
#16   Kevin Boss                              NY Giants                            41rec-453yds-5tds
        With Plaxico Burress gone, the number of targets he sees will increase. He may lead the Giants in tds this season.
#17   Brent Celek                            Philadelphia                        40rec-443yds-4tds
        Now that LJ Smith is gone, he will be the starting TE in Philly. He will be looking to build on the hot streak he was on, in the playoffs last season. He will have to compete for catches with a group talented WRs & a stud RB.
#18   Brandon Pettigrew               Detroit                                 44rec-480yds-3tds
The rookie is a nice big target with soft hands. He will get plenty of chances to produce. The Lions should mot be nowhere near as bad as they were last season.
#19   Donald Lee                              Green Bay                           42rec-420yds-4tds
Aaron Rodgers does not look for him like Favre did, but we will still put up decent numbers. His value will decrease if the Packers play TE Jermichael Finley more.
#20   Bo Scaife                                  Tennessee                          48rec-480yds-2tds
        The Titans placed the franchise tag on him, so he should be looking to be very productive, so he can get a new contract. The Tiatns like to run the ball in the redzone and they also drafted TE Jared Cook, his future replacement.
#21    Shawn Nelson                         Buffalo                                37rec-407yds-3tds
         With 2 star WRs (Lee Evans & TO) on the outside, he will get plenty of looks underneath. He could also be valuable in the redzone.
#22    Marcedes Lewis                      Jacksonville                       39rec-429yds-2tds
         As long as David Garrard bounces back this season, he will be fine, but do not expect him to score alot.
#23    Vernon Davis                         San Francisco                     33rec-373yds-3tds
         If he can stay out HC Mike Singletarys dog house, he has the skills to put up top 10 numbers. 
#24    LJ Smith/Todd Heap             Baltimore                            32rec-313yds-2tds
         LJ Smith was brought in because Todd Heap can't stay healthy. He can put decent games, but is streaky. Todd Heap is the better of the 2, but has had problems with injuries the last few years.
#25    Ben Watson                            New England                       28rec-308yds-3tds
He always seems to find the endzone a few times every year. He is on the downside of his career and watch for Chris Baker, to make run at his job.

Sleepers to watch for:
             Chase Coffman                      Cincinattii
             Jared Cook                              Tennessee
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09' Mock Draft (1 Week Before Draft)

#1          Detroit                                QB                Matthew Stafford                                        Georgai

            The Lions have to make a choice between QB Stafford or OT Jason Smith. With more depth & quality at the OT position, they should draft Stafford. They were rumored to be involved in trading for Jay Cutler & could still be looking. If so they should talk to Clevland.

#2          St. Louis                             OT                 Jason Smith                                                   Baylor

            The Rams have been rumored to be trying to trade this pick recently. If that doesn't happen, they have to take Smith. He is too good to pass by. They have to get a replacement for Orlando Pace. If Smith is gone they should take Eugene Monroe.

#3          Kansas City                       LB                  Aaron Curry                                                   Wake Forest

            It would be hard to pass on queit possibly the best player in the draft. He will get alot of playing time in Kc's new 3-4 defense. I know they traded for Mike Vrabel & signed Zach Thomas, but they are getting old and that is a quick fix. Curry will get valuable teaching from them and learn on the job.

#4           Seattle                              OT                  Eugene Monroe                                             Virginai

            They need to protect Matt Hasselback at all cost. He can do that and excel in the run game as well. Walter Jones is getting older, so he could be his eventual replacement. If Smith & Monroe are both gone, then QB Mark Sanchez may be the target.

#5           Clevland                           WR                 Michael Crabtree                                          Texas Tech

            They need help on defense, but could use more help on offense. After trading TE Kellen Winslow, possibly losing WR Donte Stallworth to prison (DUI Manslaghter charge) & rumors of trading WR Braylon Edwards, they have to take a WR. Whether they trade Braylon or not, they need someone to throw the ball to.

#6           Cincinatti                         OT                    Michael Oher                                                Missippii

            The Bengals need hekp on both side of the ball, but offense should take priority. They need both an OT & a WR. The protection of Carson Palmer is the main concern. Oher is an excellent OT, who I have personally seen in action in the SEC. He is solid in both the run and pass games. Plus he is a good character guy, which Cincinatti needs.

#7           Oakland                            WR                 Jeremy Macklin                                           Missourri

            Provided that Crabtree is already gone, the Raiders should take Macklin. He fits the ideal Raiders mold of a player. His fast speed, good hands & versatility in the return game is what Al Davis is looking for.

#8          Jacksonville                     WR                 Darius Heyward-Bey                                  Maryland

           Unless Crabtree or Macklin falls to them for some reason, this their guy. They are desperate for WR help after letting Matt Jones walk. They could be without Reggie Williams as well (legel troubles). Heyward-Bey has the size they like and the game to match.

#9         Green Bay                         DE                  Everrette Brown                                          Florida St.

           The Packers need to improve the defensive line and add a pass rusher. Brown can fill both voids. He could even play some LB for them in their new 3-4 defense.

#10       San Francisco                  QB                   Mark Sanchez                                              USC

           After making a push for Kurt Warner, the 49ers are clearly not happy with their current QB's. Unless someone trades up in front of them to get him, they have to take him. If that does happen, then they should take CB Malcolm Jenkins.

#11       Buffalo                              DE                   Brian Orakpo                                                Texas

           They can use both an Olineman and a DE. They will give OT Andre Smith a hard look here, but Orakpo will give them the better value here. If he is gone the they should take Smith.

#12       Denver                              LB                   Rey Maualuga                                                USC

           The Broncos have a big hole to fill at LB, they need to fill. Maualuga a big thumper, would pair nicely with DJ Williams. He will make alot of plays for them. I wouldn't be surprised to see them trade up to get Mark Sanchez.

#13       Washington                     DE                  Robert Ayers                                                 Tennessee

           He would fill the void left by Jason Taylor at DE & would be athe perfect compliment to Albert Haynesworth. Ayers is a big play guy & may play some LB for the Skins. He is rising fast on the draft boards.

#14       New Orleans                    CB                  Malcolm Jenkins                                            Ohio St.

           The Saints have no problems scoring, its stopping people that is the problem. Jenkins is a true lockdown CB that they need. This could be an absolute steal at pick #14.

#15       Houston                            LB                   Clay Matthews                                               USC

           The Texans could also use a CB, but Matthews gives them the better value than any CB left on the board. Uncle Bruce Matthews is on the coaching staff and could be a big influence on darft day. If they want a Cb they should tarde down from this pick to get a better value. If that happens they should look at Votae Davis or Darius Butler.

#16       San Diego                        RB                   Knowshon Moreno                                        Georgai

           Despite working out things with LT temporarily, they need to find his replacement. Moreno is verey versatile and will learn alot form the great one. Sproles is not an every down back.

#17       NY Jets                            QB                   Josh Freeman                                                Kansas St

           They have 3 QB's on their roster, but none of them are anything more than a backup. Freeman has very good size (6'6" 248 pds) & a strong arm. If they don't get Freeman things don't look good for the Jets.

#18       Denver                            DT                    BJ Raji                                                            Boston College

           This is the pick that they received from Chicago, for Jay Cutler. They will use it to continue to build the defense. The run stopping Raji would be a great addition to their depleted defensive line. They may also look at DE Tyson Jackson here as well.

#19       Tampa Bay                     LB                    Brian Cushing                                               USC

           The Bucs are very thin at LB & should address the problem here. Other than Barrett Ruud they don't have much. Jermaine Phillips is moving from saftey to help at LB, but that is not enough. Cushing will get to play alot and will make plays for them.

#20        Detroit                           OT                    Andre Smith                                                  Alabama

            With their 2nd pick of the 1st round they should draft protection for Stafford. Smith has top ten talent, but questionable decision making. He will step in and start right away for the Lions. If he is gone, OT's William Beatty or Eben Britton should be picked.

#21        Philadelphia                  RB                    Chris Wells                                                   Ohio St.

            The Eagles are thin at Rb & should take Wells here.He will get used alot, especially in short yardage and goalline situations. He is a bruising, downhill runner with speed that they need.

#22        Minnasota                      WR                   Percy Harvin                                              Florida

            Percy would give the Vikings  another playmaker at WR, butmore importantly he would be a star in the return game. He reminds me alot of Chicago's Devin Hester, though I think he is a better WR.

#23        New England                 LB                     Conor Barwin                                            Cincinatti

            The Patriots hit a homerun with Jerod Mayo last year & will try for it again this year. LB is their biggest need & Barwin is a Belicheck type of player. Barwin is a younger version of the departed Mike Vrabel. He is a very good pass rusher, has soft hands, good in coverage & has even played some TE in college.

#24        Atlanta                           LB                     James Laurinaitis                                    Ohio St.

            The Falcons need the most help at LB. Laurinaitis has slide down the draft boards from a year ago, but he will be a steal here for Atlanta. He has the size and speed to make plays. He is too good for them to pass on.

#25        Miami                              WR                   Hakeem Nicks                                          North Carolina

            Bill Parcels likes to go defense early in drafts, but WR is the most glaring need. Nicks was a playmaker in colege and will step in and play right from the start. They don't have that go to WR that they need & Nicks can be that for them. They may also take best available offense or defense.

#26        Baltimore                      CB                      Sean Smith                                               Utah

            He has the size to cover tall & athletic WR's, but has thespeed to stay withsmall & quick WR's. He has excellent hands. He had 9 ints & 16 break ups in only 2 seasons on defense at Utah.

#27        Indianapolis                 DT                      Evander Hood                                         Missourri

           The Colts need 2 things, a DT & a LB. The best value here would be DT. Hood has big size and can stuff the run.He has good pass rushing moves (15.5 sacks in college) & makes big plays.

#28         Buffalo                          TE                      Brandon Pettigrew                               Oklahoma St.

             This is the pick they got from Philly for Jason Peters. They used their 1st pick on defense and should look to offense with this one. They may be able to get aquality tackle later in the draft, so they should take Pettigrew here. He is the best TE in the draft & will be a big target for Trent Edwards underneath and in the middle of the field.

#29         NY Giants                     WR                     Kenny Britt                                             Rutgers

             The Giants are looking for a replacement for Plaxico Burress. They are trying to trade for Braylon Edwards, so we will see. If they don't, Britt has the size and speed they are looking for. If they do make a trade, then DE Michael Johnson would be a good fit for them.

#30         Tennessee                    CB                      Darius Butler                               Connecticut

                The Titans will wait and see who falls to them. This pick could also hinge on whether or not they sign WR Torry Holt. I think they would really like to get Percy Harvin or Robert Ayers, but I don't think they will be here when they pick. They need help at CB & Butler is the best available.

#31          Arizona                        RB                      Donald Brown                                         Connecticut

             The Cards should draft a RB here, to replace the aging Edgerrin James. Brown is a complete back. He should get to start right out of the gate. They may look at RB Lesean McCoy from Pitt, but he can be got in the 2nd round.

#32         Pittsburgh                   OT                       Eben Britton                                            Arizona

             The reigning champs don't need much, so they will look to get younger and add depth. The O=line needs to be 1st on the list of upgrades. They should take Britton (the 5th OT taken in 1st round). He can play both tackle spots which could be very useful to the Steelers.



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09' Mock Draft (After 2 Weeks of Free Agency)

<h4> #1         Detroit                        QB                  Matthew Stafford                              Georgai</h4>

<p>            Rumors have them possibly taking Jason Smith, but they can get a quality lineman later in the draft. Stafford could be the franchise QB that they are looking for. He has the size & skill set, but can he be succeed in Detroit.</p>

<p><strong>#2           St Louis                      OT                   Jason Smith                                        Baylor</strong></p>

<p>            Head Coach Steve Spagnaula has stated that he wants to run the ball. They picked up center Jason Brown from Baltimore in free agency & will continue to improve the o-line, with Smith. The Rams released Orlando Pace & will draft Smith to be his replacement.</p>

<p><strong>#3          Kansas City                OT                   Eugene Monroe                                  Virginai</strong></p>

<p>           They are clearly rebuilding the offense by trading for Matt Cassel. Protecting their exspensive investment is top priority. He is a dominating tackle, who will help keep Cassel upright.</p>

<p><strong>#4           Seattle                       LB                    Aaron Curry                                        Wake Forest</strong></p>

<p>            After signing TJ Houshmanzadeh in free agency, the WR position is no longer top priority. The Seahawks traded away LB Julian Peterson, to Detroit, and will look to fill the open spot. The 08' Butkus Award winner is a hard hitter, who can rush the passer (7 Sacks) & drop smoothly into coverage (5 INts, 3 Tds).</p>

<p><strong>#5           Clevland                     DE                   Everette Brown                                  Florida St.</strong></p>

<p>            He has very good quickness & can play sideline to sideline. He uses his good moves to rush the passer (23 Sacks) and he closes fast on the ball.</p>

<p><strong>#6          Cincinatti                    OT                    Michael Oher                                      Missippii</strong></p>

<p>            The Bengals have 2 glaring needs after OT Stacy Andrews & WR TJ Houshmanzadeh to free agencey. They picked up Laveranues Coles to fill the WR spot. They could draft a young WR , but if they can't protect Carson Palmer what is the use. Oher is a tall athletic OT, with quick hands & good feet.</p>

<p><strong>#7          Oakland                      WR                  Jeremy Macklin                                  Missouri</strong></p>

<p>           Everyone knows the Raiders love to draft speed & this year will be no different. Macklin can flat out fly & has great vision. He will instantly improve both the passing and return games. He was a versatile scorer in college with 33 total tds(16rec, 6rush, 3pr, 2kr).</p>

<p><strong>#8          Jacksonville               WR                  Michael Crabtree                               Texas Tech</strong></p>

<p>           Free agency changed his draft position, not his foot injury. The Jaguars need aplaymaker at WR and Crabtree is to good to slide any farther. The 2x Biletnikoff winner had surgery on his foot & will be ready for the start of the season. He has terrific speed and great hands.</p>

<p><strong>#9          Green Bay                   DT                   BJ Raji                                                Boston College</strong></p>

<p>            The Packers will draft Raji to be the NT in their 3-4 defense. He will be a disruptive run stopper. He has very good speed for a man his size.</p>

<p><strong>#10        San Fransisco            CB                    Malcolm Jenkins                               Ohio St.</strong></p>

<p>           The secondary is in need of a big upgrade. Jenkins is a lockdown corner who is very physical, closes quickly and makes sure tackles.  They may also look at Mark Sanchez here as well.</p>

<p><strong>#11       Buffalo                         DE                    Brian Orakpo                                      Texas</strong></p>

<p><strong>                </strong>The Bills need to upgrade the d-line. Kelsay and Schobel are getting older, so adding depth and talent here is a must. He is very good pass rusher (21.5 Sacks).</p>

<p><strong>#12        Denver                        LB</strong>                <strong>Rey Maualuga                                   USC</strong></p>

<p>            He is the LB they have been looking for ever since they let Al Wilson go. He has that same kind of intensity. He plays aggressive and has a knack for finding the ball.</p>

<p><strong>#13        Washington               DE                     Aaron Maybin                                   Penn St.</strong></p>

<p>            After releasing Jason Taylor, the Skins need a DE. He is long and gets off the ball quickly. He will also help them get younger.</p>

<p><strong>#14         New Orleans              CB                     Vontae Davis                                    Illinois</strong></p>

<p>            Because of the their defense the Saints are forced to out score everyoned, so they will look to improve the defense. Davis is a fast , strong & very athletic playmaking corner, who makes good reads and gets to the ball.</p>

<h4>#15         Houston                     LB                     Brian Cushing                                     USC</h4>

<p><strong>                 </strong>They will be looking for someone to pair with Demco Ryans. Cushing gets to the ball and makes big plays. He is very talented and will learn alot from Ryans.</p>

<p><strong>#16         San Diego                  RB                     Knowshon Moreno                          Georgai</strong></p>

<p>             The Chargers need to find LTs' replacement. Sproles is a spot starter/3rd down back/returner, his main value. Moreno is an every down back, who is very good catching the ball as well. This would be a perfect fit for both.</p>

<p><strong>#17         NY Jets                      QB                      Mark Sanchez                                  USC</strong></p>

<p>             The Jets can't count on what they have at QB, so grabbing Sanchez is a must. He can make all of the throws and has a big arm. The Jets may have to trade up to get him, as other teams (CHI) may try to do also.</p>

<p><strong>#18          Chicago                     WR                     Darius Heyward-Bey                    Maryland</strong></p>

<p>             Considering Sanchez is gone, the Bears will look to add weapons on offense. He has good hands and speed, plus he will get a chance to start right away.</p>

<p><strong>#19          Tampa Bay               LB                       James Laurinatis                          Ohio St.</strong></p>

<p>             They have to get a LB after releasing Derrick Brooks & Cato June. He is the best available LB left on the board. His stock has dropped some since last year  and Tampa will get a good player, with a high motor.</p>

<h4>#20          Andre Smith             OT                      Andre Smith                                  Alabama</h4>

<p><strong>                 </strong>Talent wise he should not fall this far, but his questionable actions at the combine, have hurt his stock. Detroit needs a lineman and should cease this oppuritunity to get such a quality OT. He could be a big key to Stafford having a good year.</p>

<p><strong>#21          Philadelphia              RB                       Chris Wells                                     Ohio St.</strong></p>

<p>              They lost Correll Buckhalter to free agency and need to fill the void. Wells size makes him good at short yardage and goal line chances. He could eventually replace Westbrook in 2-3 years.</p>

<p><strong>#22          Minnasota                  CB                       Darius Butler                                Connecticut</strong></p>

<p>             Butler is a quality CB, who is a ballhawk (10 Ints). The NFC is loaded with good WRs, so getting someone to cover them is a must.</p>

<p><strong>#23          New England             LB                         Clay Matthews                              USC</strong></p>

<p>             After trading Mike Vrabel to Kansas City, they need a LB. Matthews has alot of potential & is movimg up the draft boards. He and Mayo, last seasons DROY, would pair up well together & give the Pats the younger look they want at LB.</p>

<p><strong>#24          Atlanta</strong>                 <strong>LB                        Larry English                                 N. Illinois</strong></p>

<p>              Like Tampa Bay, after losing their top 2 LBs (Brooking & Boley), they need a LB in the worst way. English is a very active and agressive player. He should fit well, into Atlanta's defensive scheme. If they don't like him the they will have to trade up to get one they do.</p>

<p><strong>#25          Miami                         CB                          DJ Moore    </strong>                          <strong>Vanderbilt</strong></p>

<p>             With all the top flight talented WR's in this division, the Dolphins can use all the help they can get in the secondary. He has some experience as a returner as well.</p>

<p><strong>#26          Baltimore                   WR                      Percy Harvin                              Florida</strong></p>

<p>             Derrick Mason is getting older, so they need to find his replacement. Percy is a big time playmaker and the Ravens need that. He has blazing speed and is a scorer. He will also be very valuable to them as a returner. He will get planty of chances to be on the field.</p>

<p><strong>#27          Indianapolis              WR                      Hakeem Nicks                             North Carolina</strong></p>

<p>             They need to add depth after cutting HOF Marvin Harrison. He will get plenty of chances to catch the ball, in Indy's pass heavy offense. He has terrific hands (181 receptions) & can find the end zone (21 tds). He will benefit from watching Reggie Wayne as well.</p>

<p><strong>#28         Philadelphia                TE                        Brandon Pettigrew                    Oklahoma St.</strong></p>

<p>             They solved their o-line needs, by signing Stacy Andrews away from Cincinattii. Finding a replacement for LJ Smith & keeping Mcnabb happy is top concern now. At 6'6" he would be a big target to throw to and can help in the run game as a blocker.</p>

<p><strong>#29          NY Giants                   DE                        Michael Johnson                        Georgia Tech</strong></p>

<p>             The Giants like to stock up on DE's and LB's. Johnson is tall & has long arms (2 BK). He is a very good pass rusher (19 Sacks). He would fit nicely into the rotation.</p>

<p><strong>#30           Tennessee                 DE                       Robert Ayers                              Tennessee</strong></p>

<p>              They lost Albert Haynesworth to free agency & will add depth along the defensive line. He is a disruptive playmaker (15 Tfl & 3 Sacks last season). The Titans would win some style points with fans for drafting a home grown guy.</p>

<p><strong>#31            Arizona                     RB                        Donald Brown                             Connecticut</strong></p>

<p>               Edgerrin James wants out of Arizona and will probably get his wish. With both Moreno and Wells off the board, the Cardinals will take the versatile Brown. He is fast, durable, has good vision & hands. His recieving abilty makes him avery good fit in this offense.</p>

<p><strong>#32           Pittsburgh                 OT                        Eben Britton                                Arizona</strong></p>

<p>              The defending Champs are pretty set on both sides of the ball, so they are basically drafting for depth. They need to start looking at getting younger along the o-line. Britton Is a massive OT, with very good skills. This to good of a value to pass up at this spot. They may also look at defensive depth as well.       <strong>          </strong></p>

<p> </p>

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09' Mock Draft (Post Combine/Pre Free Agency)

#1     Detroit                      QB           Matthew Stafford                           Georgai

        The Lions will make Stafford the 1st overall pick, in hopes of capturing the same magic that Atlanta (Matt Ryan) did last season. It will take more than this, to turn it around, but its a start in the right direction.

#2    St. Louis                   OT            Jason Smith                                      Baylor

           They need help along their O-line. Smith is the best offensive tackle in the draft. His stock improved tremendously after a strong showing at the combine.

#3      Kansas City             LB             Aaron Curry                                     Wake Forest

         The Chiefs need to improve their defense and will take the best available which is Curry. He would give them a strong tandem at LB with Derrick Johnson.

#4       Seattle                    WR           Michael Crabtree                            Texas Tech

         Seattle needs a playmaking WR and injuries at that position have hurt them the last 2 seasons. He has reliable hands and good speed. He has foot injury, but should be ready to go when the season starts.

#5       Clevland                  DE            Evertte Brown                                 Florida St.

         They need a pass rusher who can replace Willie McGinest. Brown will fill both of these needs nicely.

#6       Cincinatti                OT             Eugene Monroe                               Virginai

          Protecting Carson Palmer is their main focus. Monroe is a big and dependable tackle who will get the job done.

#7       Oakland                  WR            Jeremy Macklin                              Missouri

         Like Seattle, they need help at WR. Their options at this position are limited, after releasing Ronald Curry. Macklin is the #2 WR on the board and the Raiders would be crazy to pass on him.

#8       Jacksonville          OT              Michael Oher                                   Missippii

         The Jaguars need help at both WR & O-line. The best value for this pick is Oher. He is a big tackle who can run and pass block.

#9       Green Bay             DT               BJ Raji                                              Boston College

         The Packers weakness is stopping the run and Raji will help solve that problem. He is a decent pass rusher as well.

#10    San Fransisco       CB               Malcolm Jenkins                            Ohio St.

             The defensive minded HC Singletary is looking to build his defense around star LB Patrick Willis. They need a CB and Jenkins is the best on the board.

 #11    Buffalo                  OT               Andre Smith                                   Alabama

         The need here is O-line, with the release of Derrick Dockery. He should not be here, but his recent actions at the combine push him down from a possible top 3 pick to #11.

#12     Denver                  LB                Rey Maualuga                                USC 

         The hard hitting playmaking LB is exactly what the Broncos need, especially after cutting some defensive starters recently.

#13     Washington          DE               Brian Orakpo                                 Texas

          They should begin to start a youth movement on defense. Orakpo is a strong and aggressive DE who will make plays.

 #14     New Orleans        LB                Brian Cushing                                 USC

          He is playmaker like Maualuga, that will pay dividends. He would be agood match with Johnathan Vilma.

#15      Houston                LB                James Laurinaitis                         Ohio St.

          They need to gine Demco Ryans some help at LB and Laurinaitis would be a good choice here. He is a very reliable player.

#16      San Diego             LB                Aaron Maybin                               Penn St.

          Maybin is more of a hybrid (DE/LB), which the Chargers seem to like will play alot at both positions.

#17      NY Jets                  QB                Mark Sanchez                               USC

             After the retirement of Brett Favre, the top priority becomes finding a QB. Sanchez is the best on the board. If the Jets really want him they mave have to trade up to get him.

#18      Chicago                 WR              Darius Heyward-Bey                   Maryland

          The Bears will be looking to add weapons offensively.  He is a speedster with good hands. May look at Sanchez, if he is available.

#19      Tampa Bay           LB                 Clay Matthews                               USC

           The Bucs are cleaning house and have alot of needs. They will start by trying to replace Derick Brooks with the 3rd USC LB in the draft. He has a strong bloodline to his advantage.

#20       Detroit                  OT                Eben Britton                                  Arizona

           Detroit will use the 1st round pick they got from Dallas in the Roy Williams trade to draft an O-lineman to protect their top investment Matthew Stafford.

#21      Philadelphia          TE                 Brandon Pettigrew                     Oklahoma St.

              Looking to get more weapons for McNabb. They let LJ Smith goto free agency so they need to replace him. They also have strong need at O-line.

#22       Minnasota            CB                 Darius Butler                               Connecticut

           They need help at CB. He has a nose for the ball and good coverage skills.

#23      New England         DE                Tyson Jackson                            LSU

          They will continue their youth movement on defense. They may also look at the CB or LB postions as well.

 #24      Atlanta                 LB                 Larry English                               Northern Illinois

           With Boley and Brooking going to free agency, the logical choice would be to draft English who is the best available.

#25       Miami                    DT                 Jerry Peria                                   Missippii

           The Dolphins will take the best available player left on the board, which is Peria. He is run stuffer that they need.

#26       Baltimore            WR                Percy Harvin                              Florida

           He is a extremely versatile player who will improve their passing and return games. He will be used in alot of different ways.

#27       Indianapolis       WR                Hakeem Nicks                            North Carolina

           The release of Marvin Harrison left a big void to fill. The Colts will look to add depth.

#28       Philadelphia        OT                  William Beatty                         Connecticut

           With the 2nd of their two 1st round picks, the Eagles will upgrade the O-line. Beatty is best on the board and free agency makes this a priority pick.

#29       NY Giants            DE                 Micheal Johnson                        Georgia Tech

          They need a WR due to Plaxico's legal problems, but with the value not there they will look to defense. They also like to stock pile De's.

#30       Tennessee          CB                  Alphonso Smith                        Wake Forest

           The Titans need a WR, which they may get in free agency, so they will draft defense with 1st pick. Smith is a highly talented and athletic CB.

#31       Arizona           RB                 Knowshon Moreno                     Georgai

           The Cardinals will want to improve the run game which was their weakness a year ago. Moreno is a 3 down back that they need.

#32       Pittsburgh          CB                 DJ Moore                                      Vanderbilt

           The defending champs will add best available to the top ranked defense.

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